Maria Writes Stuff


Jack’s appointment went well. He got 4 shots and an oral and did really well. He cried for a few minutes and that was it. I gave him some Tylenol before and it kicked in pretty quickly…when we left he was sleeping.

Height: 24 inches
Weight: 10 lbs 9 oz

After his appointment we went to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things for the house. We get home and DH and I decide to watch a movie (300 – very good movie btw). Well…not half way into the movie our power goes out! It was about 6:30pm and our power didn’t get back up till 2am! It was hot and the three of us were miserable.Having no AC and a fussy little one who is hot and wants to be held is not a good thing. I was worried that Jack was getting a fever…ugh! He managed to sleep a bit in his swing. At some point I made DH take me to get something to eat because I was starving…

As we’re driving out of the complex we discover that the other side of the complex has power and ours doesn’t….It was so weird. When we got back we had power in about a half an hour and Jack was asleep and cooled off. The AC clicked on and we finished our movie.

DH and I ended up sleeping in the living room on the couches because our dog decided to pee on our bed and it soaked through the mattress topper we have…that is has been cleaned now and is drying…but without the topper our mattress is beyond uncomfortable!! I am defiantly taking a nap today!!