Jack and Popcorn

I sat down to feed Jack and had some popcorn too.So we’re both eating and looking at one another. He unlatchs twice, looks at me and giggles..I mean a Santa like giggle. His whole body shook when he laughed. I was trying to figure out what he was laughing at..surely I’m not that funny looking. […]

Jack is doing really well. I am so proud.-He holds his head up like a champ and has started to scoot a bit when he makes attempts to crawl…it’s so neat. Although I am not ready for him to be crawling just yet. lolHe has been sleeping through the night most of the time and […]

Okay…I know many of you are going to be looking for pictures and could probably care less about the actual written part of this post…but you’re going to have to wait. I haven’t uploaded my pictures yet. Anyway, about our vacation:Day One: Friday June 13thWe left our home a little later then expected on June […]

I’ve got Jack all packed for our trip…we’ll be gone for a week so I won’t be making updates… But when I come back…BIG update with pics.. 🙂


I brushed Jack’s hair last night after giving him a bath.Apparently he thinks having his hair brushed tickles…He was grinning and giggling the whole time then of course…he got crankyMy boy is ticklish just like his mommy!

“Patty Cake”

Last night Jack was a little restless and was wide awake at midnight. He was hangin’ out with me on the couch all cozy on my breast pillow. Clint decided to take our dog for a walk while the temperature was cooler. I looked over at Jack and started playing “Patty Cake” with him…he laughed!! […]

Packing….packing…where to start?

I have made a list of everything I need to pack for Jack….Oh my goodness this kid needs allot of stuff..I am beginning to question how we’re going to fit it all into our vehicle. Eh…I’ll let Clint worry about that part. lol I have been doing laundry like a mad woman the past few […]

Why Jackson is “Jack”

I was inspired to do this after reading my friend Jordan’s blog about her chidren’s names… When Clint and I first got engaged and started talking about someday having children and began discussing names ect…He told me a interesting story about how his uncles had once tried to convince their wives to name their boys […]