I am 39 weeks pregnant and it feels like it’s never going to end. I have had days were my contractions have been decently strong and get a bit closer together then STOP altogether. I had some cramping and dull back ache today…that didn’t last long either. Maybe a few hours but nothing was timeable. […]

So here I am again…the sleepless one! I woke up today and had absolutely no energy. I just felt blah. Almost like I was getting the flu or something..without the throwing up and such. So after eating I went back to bed and laid down… Like I said I’ve had the blahs all day and […]

I am 38 weeks pregnant and cannot sleep at all. Even though I’m tired…Strangely enough I tend to sleep better when I have the bed all to myself and I have no idea why. Anyway…Right now we are playing the waiting game…When will he come? I really have no idea. I think I’ve had some […]

Ultrasound Today

Clint leaves for work and I sleep for maybe 30 minutes and my cell phone rings…it’s the doctors office. Apparently they have 2 ultrasound technicians and one is out sick! So they called to see if I could come in at noon instead of 5:30 this evening. I am so irritated…even though I know it’s […]