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Seeing a Midwife

I got a call this morning from the office I transfered my medical records to. They verified my insurance and I made an appointment for Feb 8 at 9am! I am so excited to be going to an office where I’ll be able to ask my midwife (or OB/GYN, as all the midwives have one over them) about things I’m concerned about without hearing “Go to L&D” unless it’s necessary. Plus the midwife/OBGYN that I see from now on will actually be delivering Jack! Yay! When I was at L&D the last time the midwife and nurse made me feel so comfortable and were encouraging and helped me to relax during exams and such…I think I made the right decision to switch. Even though the doctor (M.D not OBGYN) I saw at the other office was nice, his co-workers were rude and none of them were going to be delivering anyway.