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Another Trip to L&D

My back hurt …(I was stuck in my computer chair and couldn’t get up!) My DH gets home and helps me down stairs to drink water and lay on the couch, after laying on the couch for a while and I check and make sure lil’ Jack is moving alright. So I call my mom and she says it could be sciatica and that I should put ice on it. Tried the ice and it didn’t help at all and I kept having the hardening/softening feeling in my belly…so I call the doctor from my office that is on call and he is so freakin’ rude and gives me no information at to what it is (or even asks my name or gestation) he tells me to go to L&D. So off to L&D we go…

After being tested for a UTI and yet another swob and several contractions (thankfully small ones) on the monitor…I find out that my darn siatica is what was causing all my lower back pain. Fantastic! NOT! I hate my sciatica…it hurts really bad. So the midwife that saw me gave me some really cool Tylenol and sent me home. I asked her if her practice allowed Medicaid patients and she said yes…gave me her name and the office number to call and make an appointment tomorrow. Both she and the nurse (as well as my DH and I) weren’t impressed with the unprofessional manner of the doctor on call from the office I currently go to. So I’ll be calling and making an appointment tomorrow and hopefully I get in soon (I have an appointment with my current office on the 1st). Then I’ll be seen my midwives (who have an OBGYN over them) AND one of the midwives that will be seeing me will actually delivery my baby! Unlike the current office I see.