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3 hour glucose test

First of all, I had to stop eating at 8pm last night for an 8am appointment. Not fun, considering I was really hungry after I ate dinner around 6ish. So drank some water and went to bed. We woke up and all I had for breakfast was a glass of water and off we went to my appointemnt. We were there early waiting for the place to open because Clint had to be at work at 8am…well the ladies didn’t let me in until EXACTLY 8, so Clint was 15 minutes late for work. 🙁

I signed in and waited to be called. When I was finally called I was taken to a back room and had my blood drawn and my blood sugar checked (should have been good considering I hadn’t had anything to eat since the evening before, but I have no idea what the number was.) So she left the needle in my arm and I went to drink their nasty sugary concoction. It stated like under carbonated, over syruped Sprite. Yuck! Made me feel a bit dizzy and nauseated and the nurse decided to call my doctor, who said if it continues to go to L&D. So I layed back in one of their recliners and chatted with the other ladies that were there doing their 3 hr.

After an hour went by my blood was drawn again and again until my 3 hours were up. I have no idea as of yet how I did, but I’m praying I passed. I was told that my doctor should know the results later in the day but more then likely if I failed I won’t be notified until maybe Thursday. So I’m hoping I don’t get a call.

Clint came to pick me up & brought me lunch. 🙂 Chicken, fries and a shake….yum! He dropped me off at home & I napped ’til he got home from work.