An Article I liked…

Source: How to Calm Your Crying Baby By Elizabeth Pantley, Author of Gentle Baby Care When we’re pregnant or awaiting adoption, we dream about our baby-to-be, we always envision those beautiful Hallmark card scenes: charming baby smiling up at peaceful mother’s face. We read books in advance of the big day about how care for […]

Aches, pains and itchiness

As my pregnancy progresses and I reach the third trimester things get a bit more achier and itchier too!As our son grows, and maneuvers himself to get comfortable, sleep or play (yes, he plays…you should have seen some of the things he’s done during an ultrasound! He’s a bit of a showoff). I’ve noticed its […]

Clint felt baby kick!

At 2am this morning, before we finally went to bed our little on was one the move. I called Clint over to feel, and he did! Yay! He felt our son kick and was grinning from ear to ear! 🙂