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A baby changes everything…

Even your dreams.

When Clint and I got married, I thought we had everything “planned”. I was more then sure I knew where we were going, and what the future (at least a couple years down the road) held for us.

We were married on June 16, 2007. A week later we went on a mission trip to Nome Alaska for 10 days and returned from Alaska on July 5. On July 25th we moved to Virginia. Sometime in between our mission trip and our move, we conceived our son!

I didn’t take a pregnancy test until August 5, and within 1:45…my dreams changed forever! It’s amazing what two pink lines can do to a woman’s priorities.

Classes at Liberty started 3 weeks later. I was 8 weeks pregnant.

After having my first doctors appointment, heard the heartbeat on the dopper, had blood drawn (3 vials worth). It really sent things into reality. I was not in charge of myseelf anymore, but also a living, growing baby within me!

♥ ♥ ♥

I’m now 24 weeks pregnant with our first son! Things have truely changed for me. In the beginning I was so upset because I thought that it was God’s purpose for me to get a degree and have some great job serving him in the community. Now, it seems I’m no a totally different journey…not necessarily letting that one go, but it’s not my total focus.

My dream is to become the kind of mother to my son that God intends me to be. I pray that God will guide me in my mothering and my attempts to disciple my son for God’s purpose and not my own. I want to be able to give my son (and future children) things that I didn’t have. One of those things is having both parents in the same household, the other is for my children to know that they are important, creative, loved,valued and one of my TOP priorities. I don’t remember feeling that as a child after my parents were divorced.

I have had numerous discussions about child rearing with my mom, and it seems that she’s focused on me getting my degree and having a job (to take the load off my husband). I discussed this with Clint and he said “what if I don’t want you to have a job?”

The way I look at it…is the most important “job” I’ll ever have is being a wife/mother. I have learned through this entire pregnancy experience I have learned that I am doing God’s work and not my own. I know that He has great things in store for our children! 🙂