I’m 15 weeks pregnant today!Things are getting really interesting. Morning sickness has died down allot and I don’t get nauseated very often unless I’m super hungry. The bad thing is that my energy level as totally decreased. I feel like I have enough energy to crawl into bed and that’s about it! School is becoming […]

Being pregnant is the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. When we went to the doctors office the first time I was 11 weeks and we got to hear the heartbeat. It was awesome, like nothing I had heard before.About the time I began the 13th week I started to feel the baby move. […]

Clint and I went to our first ultrasound this morning. It was so amazing to see the baby! S/he was moving and squirming about and we were hoping that it would spread its legs but no such luck…the baby was going crazy, enjoying all that room.The nurse measured the baby, showed us the various visible […]