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Dizzy Spell

I had a really bad dizzy spell during math….oh yuck! For some reason the classrooms in the building are really hot, and with the increased blood flow in my body it feels like it’s even hotter. I went to math and sat down. I was there for maybe 15-20 minutes and felt like I might get sick and all of a sudden got really dizzy. So my teacher and my friend Brittney helped to find a cooler room to be in…and I called Clint a million times. Apparently he works after his class ends at 3:15. So at about 5:30 I met him at North and we were finally able to go home. I ate a bowl of cereal (which sounds really good right now lol) and went to bed. I sept for 5 hours! I’m planning on relaxing tomorrow, seeing as how I don’t have any homework but in one class. I missed the lecture of our math assignment so I’m not even going to do it. I’m not worried about it. I need to concentrate on keeping baby and I safe and healthy. We have an ultrasound tomorrow morning so I’ll get to talk talk to the doctor about my dizzy spell and why I have them and what not.