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16 weeks pregnant!
We had two appointment to go to this week…
The first was on Monday with my OB. The nurse talked to us about testing for Downs Syndrome. We opted to do the test so she took blood. She said that if the test comes back negative that it’s basically a safe assumption that the baby doesn’t have Downs, but if it comes back positive then there is a chance that the baby may not have it. She also talked to us about the amniocentesis if the test comes back positive. We won’t be doing that one! The doctor came in and talked to us about our concerns and how I was feeling and we left.

Yesterday we had to drive to the University of Virgina, after making a series of phone calls to make sure my insurance had been authorized by the doctors office (U of VA doesn’t take the HMO to my insurance unless authorized). So after we went to our new testament class I got a hold of the lady I needed to talk to and she said she was authorizing it then, so by time we got there we should be good to go.
An hour and a half later we’re on the campus of U of VA (makes Liberty’s campus look so tiny). After I was registered we were sent to a room where I was seen by 3 doctors! We talked to them for about an hour only to find out that I’m a lower risk high risk patient. So I have the choice of weather to deliver there or at Lynchburg Baptist Hopsital. I’m going to wait and see how things progress with the baby and see how things go by my 8/9th month.

Okay now for something really exciting! We scheduled the gender ultrasound for NEXT WEDNESDAY!!! Yay! So expect some phone calls..hopefully the baby will cooperate.