Maria Writes Stuff


I’m 15 weeks pregnant today!
Things are getting really interesting. Morning sickness has died down allot and I don’t get nauseated very often unless I’m super hungry. The bad thing is that my energy level as totally decreased. I feel like I have enough energy to crawl into bed and that’s about it!

School is becoming a really big drag. On top of being tired I don’t think I’m getting around as easily as I thought I would. Going up/down stairs isn’t fun at all, and I’m glad that the only stair case I have to encounter at school is a rather small one. No big deal. My problem at school has been all the walking I have to do…uhh! I hate it! By the end of the day I’m really tired, and my feet hurt. I usually come home, and take a nap for at least 4-5 hours! I’ll be bringing this up at my next appointment and again with the fetal/maternal sepcialist because I don’t want to end up wearing myself out as the preganncy progresses and cause harm to the baby or myself. So I’ll see what my doctors think and if withdrawing (or taking incompletes) on my classes is what I need to do then I’ll do it. The most important thing is that the baby and I are healthy.