Maria Writes Stuff


I need to go out and buy maternity clothes again. I need a few more pairs of pants. The one pair that fits me really well now has 2 slight marks on font that I didn’t notice when I bought them. The second pair I bought doesn’t fit just yet. I bought a few shirts (button down) and I need some tank tops that can go underneath cause my belly likes to try and peek through the bottom.

🙁 I can’t wear my favorite pair of jeans anymore! I bought them a week after we found out we’re expecting and 2-3 weeks later they didn’t fit right. I could barely button them. Now I can’t button them at all, and they’re waaay to tight.

So next week hopefully we’ll get to go back to the consignment shop and buy some more pants! Last time I was there I got 4 shirts, 2 pairs of jeans and a jacket for $35. Not bad considering one of the places we went to had maternity jeans on sale for $59.99!! Yeah I don’t think so lady, you’re nuts! They had a really pretty dress I wanted to wear to my cousin’s wedding in Feb but it was way to expensive too!