Maria Writes Stuff


Being pregnant is the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. When we went to the doctors office the first time I was 11 weeks and we got to hear the heartbeat. It was awesome, like nothing I had heard before.
About the time I began the 13th week I started to feel the baby move. I kept second guessing myself thinking it was gas or digestion.
The ultrasound was better than I expected…it put the whole idea of being pregnant into more of a realistic state for me. There was this little baby kicking and squirming its way around, and it was inside me! My body had become a vessel to carry and grow another HUMAN! Wow!

I love my baby so much. I may be young, newly married, a college student, and what not…but this pregnancy is a great thing, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

We’re in love with our child 🙂