Maria Writes Stuff


Clint and I went to our first ultrasound this morning. It was so amazing to see the baby! S/he was moving and squirming about and we were hoping that it would spread its legs but no such luck…the baby was going crazy, enjoying all that room.
The nurse measured the baby, showed us the various visible organs, and attempted to tell us the sex of the baby. She said, ‘Maybe boy, but don’t go out and buy blue just yet, wait till your 20 week ultrasound.” So we’re thinking boy, but we’ll see what they find at the next ultrasound.
Everything is looking great! The baby measured 14 weeks, so I was given a new due date of April 2, 2008. When we went to the doctor the first time I was surprised when he said I was due in March…thinking the dates were a bit off. I was right! So we got to hear the heartbeat for the first time at 9-10 weeks, which was 170 BPM. This time the baby’s heartbeat was more regulated at 154 BPM. The nurse said it will get more normal as the baby grows, which makes sense. After the ultrasound was done, we went in to talk to the doctor.

My doctor is amazing, such a nice guy. He answered the questions we had (Mostly about shellfish…my mother in law makes awesome Oyster Stew around Christmas). We have an appointment to see the doctor again on October 15th, and an appointment to see the fetal/maternal specialist at the University of Virgina on the 16th. We asked about the possibility of having to deliver at U of VA. He said that unless there is a need for specialized care during delivery or immediately afterward (the baby needing a specialized pediatrician), that I wont have to. But if I do I’ll most likely be induced (its a 70 mile drive from here to UofVA and I’m not doing that while in labor). Going to the specialist is a precaution, and I’m glad my doctor is covering all the bases.

I’m hoping to be able to go to term, and praying I won’t have any issues with the combination of Cerebral Palsy and pregnancy.
Well I guess that’s it for now. We’re on fall break till Monday so give us a call if you want.