18 weeks pregnant!

I hit the 5 month mark today! 18 weeks! Just two more and I’ll be half way there! This pregnancy is going by rather quickly. The baby has been moving a lot lately. More so when I’m sleeping or relaxed on the couch…but yesterday when I was in class I could feel him move and […]

Mashed Potatos at 2am!

I slept away the day yesterday…I was so worn out (from what I really can’t say, I guess creating a human isn’t as easy as it looks). I went to sleep around 6 and woke up at 11. So being up at 2am was really no surprised because I had taken two naps during the […]

It’s a BOY!!

So all the women that are pregnant in our family (3 including me) are having boys! Family get togethers aught to be fun!It took forever for the lady to find his boy parts and man was she pressing down hard on me…ouch! She got upset with me and gave up on more pictures (I’ll post […]

Dizzy Spell

I had a really bad dizzy spell during math….oh yuck! For some reason the classrooms in the building are really hot, and with the increased blood flow in my body it feels like it’s even hotter. I went to math and sat down. I was there for maybe 15-20 minutes and felt like I might […]

Ultrasound TOMORROW!

We have a gender ultrasound tomorrow! I’ll be 17 weeks even, and I’m hoping that the baby will cooperate so we can tell if it’s a boy or a girl. 🙂 My brother Kieth says it’s a girl and I really hope he’s right. My mom says she hopes its a boy (even though she […]

A pregnancy survey

Pregnancy Survey About You Name?: Maria Age?: 21 Height?: 5’1″ Pre-pregnancy weight?: 98 lbs About The Father Name?: Clint Age?: 20 Height?: “6’3 Are you still together?: We’re happily married 🙂 About Your Pregnancy Is this your first pregnancy?: Yes When did you find out you were pregnant?: August 5, 2007 Was it planned?: BIG […]

Cloth Diapering & Baby Wearing

I have been doing some research on cloth diapering and baby wearing. This si something I would love to do and I am praying that God provides so that I may do this. I have found a pattern to make my own sling…so that’s not big deal. The cloth diapers are on the more expensive […]

16 weeks pregnant!We had two appointment to go to this week…The first was on Monday with my OB. The nurse talked to us about testing for Downs Syndrome. We opted to do the test so she took blood. She said that if the test comes back negative that it’s basically a safe assumption that the […]

I need to go out and buy maternity clothes again. I need a few more pairs of pants. The one pair that fits me really well now has 2 slight marks on font that I didn’t notice when I bought them. The second pair I bought doesn’t fit just yet. I bought a few shirts […]