Today has been another lazy day. I am so tired and haven’t been sleeping well. I think the baby has been waking me up. I’ll be going to bed soon. Goodnight.

Well I think it’s safe to say that everyone knows now. It looks like the Armstrong family will be having a bundle of baby’s in March. Two of Clint’s cousin’s wives are due a week or two before me, and I’m due the third week of March. What lucky babies, to be due in March! […]

I am so lazy…I’m tired and yet I look around and see all these things that need to be done…I have managed to start some laundry and hopefully I’ll keep it going. The only problem is that clothes need to be put away! I’ll see if Clint can help me out with that one when […]

The nurse from the doctor’s office called a few days ago. They’ve made my appointment to see the fetal/maternal specialist. We have to take a day off from school and drive to the University of Virginia and go to their High Risk Clinic.We have an ultrasound on October 3rdMy second appointment on Oct 15, then […]

My dad called me today. I told him how our appointment went and that things are going great for the baby. I also called my grandma and aunt (dad’s mom/sister) and told them the news. They both took it really well and sounded happy for us. I am so glad that my family is taking […]

The doctor was really nice, I like him allot (I had never been to a male doc before). They took family history, some blood, and urine. The doctor came in, we discussed our concerns and he did a breast/pelvic exam . He is going to be sending me to a Fetal Specialist (because of my […]

I am 11 weeks pregnant today! WooHoo!Morning sickness was bad today! I had class at 9:15 this morning and m/s didn’t let up till after I’d eaten a pretty decent lunch, then after lunch I started feeling bad again. I went through my last class and was so hungry (thank God I’d brought some chips […]

Saturday DH and I went to Wal-Mart to get some odds and ends. Well we both ended up in the clothing section looking for clothes. I had my eye on getting some maternity jeans…no such luck. The smallest size they had was a small and while it felt great around the waist, they didn’t fit […]

I slept pretty well last night…thank God! Even though I seem to have slept well I woke up and wasn’t feeling well anyway…not surprising though. So I ate some cereal and took my prenatal vitamin (I found them at Wal-Mart!). Through out the day I was really hungry and thirsty. For lunch I had a […]