Maria Writes Stuff


We woke up early today…to go to school and get some things done. I was NOT feeling like getting out of bed this morning. My I’m sore and I felt as though I was going to puke everywhere. But I haven’t vomited yet! So I reluctantly got out of bed and took a shower, shaved and dressed. I ate some breakfast and took my vitamins too. Walking around the campus on this very hot day is no fun at all.
I have discovered that my class shedule won’t be to bad as for as the physical walking part of it goes. We are going to get a bus pass so I can get shuttled from one section of campus to the other.
When we got home I relaxed on the couch for a while and then had a sandwich and some chips with juice. My plan to survive the semester is to keep food with me and a water bottle so I dont get dehydrated and will be able to knock back the nausea.
I want wait till I get into the doctor and get an accurate due date.. 🙂