Maria Writes Stuff


So lately I have been feeling nauseated to the point I think I’m going to puke and never do.
We spent the day running around getting our car prepared and official in Virginia. We also turned in our application for Medicaid and should get a letter in a week or so. I really hope I get the letter soon, so I can be seen by a doctor and start prenatal care. Good thing I’m taking vitamins.

I think I am already going to have to buy some new pants and shirts to wear. The shirt I have on right now, has been riding up all day, and I have had to keep pulling it back down. My belly appears to be getting bigger too!

My mom knows I’m pregnant! I called her today to see what was up (not really planning on telling her I was pregnant) and out of the blue she says “Your Pregnant.” I said, ‘Yes, we found out Sunday”. So she and I talked about it a bit and she seems to be happy about it. 🙂