This is a great dog training collar!
It took awhile for me to figure out exactly how to get everything working.
Some Tips: Charge both the collar and remote before trying to use, for at least 6 hours. To pair the remote to the collar hold down the power button on the collar, as well as the Y button on the remote. When they beep, they’re connected. I hope these tips help! Before testing the collar on my dog, I tested it on myself, and a level 4 shock was enough to not cause me injury but a large enough jolt to make me jump with surprise.






I have a medium sized dog and this training collar worked great for her! The level 4 shock was all that was needed (and I probably could have set it less for her). I only had to go through the functions of the remote with her one time before she got the idea of what was going on. She always came when called when wearing the collar. I left the collar on her for a few hours (in the booklet it suggests no more than 12 hrs of wear at a time), and she seemed fine. She did scratch at the color a bit, but that was probably more due to slight irritation of it being on, than any skin issues.
**Disclaimer*** I was given this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.
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