If you’re reading this, chances are you’re either scheduled for a Cesarean in the near future, or you’ve already had one, and are browsing the internet with an infant in one arm and a pillow against your sore incision.

Girlfriend, I’ve been there…FOUR times! I understand completely what you’re going through right now. You may be scared, nervous, angry, in pain, or you may be in a complete state of euphoria due to increased Oxytocin levels and a love for a new baby.

Cesarean Birth

Here’s what I’ve learned through my four Cesareans.
1. Pain meds are  your BFF.
Take medication when it’s offered to you at the hospital. It will save you from what might be the worst of the pain (although, I can’t say that for sure..because I was always on pain meds in the hospital. lol).
2. (This might be more important than the pain meds recommendation). 
Abdominal support after a Cesarean is wonderful! It makes recovery feel more like you have yourself together, instead of that feeling that your innards just fell out. It’s also very handy to wear when you have to pee, bend over to change a diaper, and cough or laugh. If you laugh…you know the pain I’m talking about!
This one is similar to the one I was given at the hospital. After I shrunk a bit, I wished I’d bought another one a size smaller. 
3. If you’re nursing, use a breast pillow.
It’s a lifesaver when you’re sore and holding your baby! There are many different kinds of breast pillows available, some with back support and others without back support. I recommend the ones WITH back support, as my back pain was decreased tremendously while nursing, and it allowed the pillow to hug my incision and cause less pain. 
4. Invest in a Convertible Car Seat
 Choosing a Convertible Car Seat instead of an Infant Car Seat Carrier. The reason I recommend this is because they’ll tell you to only lift things as heavy as your baby for the first two weeks of recovery. During this two weeks you’re likely to have appointments with the OBGYN and Pediatrician to check on you and your baby, in my experience infant car seats are just too much to lift.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
Don’t be afraid to ask for help, insist on it! Ask for help, and remember you’re healing from major abdominal surgery. If someone is coming over to “see the new baby”, they should do a few dishes, take out the thrash as they leave, help make a meal…something…so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. If you’re like me, your anxiety will get to you and you’ll feel like you’ll have to do it all, in spite of the help.