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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Our Newest Addition: Adeline

The pregnancy and birth of our 2nd daughter Adeline. Positive Pregnancy Test: April 6, 2014
Heard heartbeat/first ultrasound: June 5, 2014 164 BPM
August 1, 2014: 20 week ultrasound: It's a Girl! Heart rate 153 BPM 12oz
Birthdate: Dec 12, 2014 1:54pm - Cesarean Delivery by Dr. Robert Winter
Birth Stats: 7# 11.6oz 19.75 inches long 13 inch head circ.
Baby Adeline is born!

Adeline and I meet for the first time, in the OR! This was my first opportunity to hold any of our children in the operating room.

Big brother Jack holds Adeline the evening after she was born. :)

Her tiny toes and hospital bracelets. 

Big yawn!

She has Clint's ears!

Dr. Winter holds Adeline the day we were discharged from the hospital. 
December 14, 2014

Adeline's going home outfit! The outfit was a gift from my mom. The hat was crocheted for Adeline by Clint's mom. 

Two Month Stats: 2/19/15 Length: 22 1/4 inches - 36% Weight: 9# 14oz 17% Head Circ.: 38.7 cm - 41% Vaccinations: Pentacel, Hep B, PCV13, Rota Virus

Monday, March 31, 2014

Kindergarten...Puzzles...and LOTS of words! :)

Jack's going to Kindergarten fall 2014! We recently met Jack's potential kindergarten teacher. We schedule and IEP with his current teacher, speech therapist, and potential kindergarten teacher and the meeting went well. The teachers had great things to say about Jack's school year, his progress and high hopes for the upcoming school year. Jack will have class with "gen ed" students, and be pulled out for therapies, and to work on specific skills/problem areas in the "resource room". For the first few weeks of school, he'll have a parapro available to work with him on adjusting to the new things kindergarten will bring. Jack will continue to ride the special ed bus, as we don't want to overwhelm him with new changes. He's doing great in school, working hard to get those smiley faces! :) Jack's 6 birthday is coming up fast...Thursday!! Benny-- Ben is making some great progress at school, and has been tons better with his anxiety since we started his meds! His teacher sent home a note the other day, saying that Ben can now due a 9 piece puzzle! That's awesome! :) Way to go, Ben! We have his parent teacher conference tonight, I'm hoping to hear more positive things from his teacher! Potty training has been an issue, so we've taken a step back on it for awhile. Ben just seemed to anxious and uncomfortable with the idea. Marjorri-- Marjorri is ALMOST two! THISCLOSE to being 2 years old! I can't believe it, her birthday is next week! She's a growing girl, loves shoes, and LOVES to talk! She's a very sweet sister and enjoys being helpful and shares really well too.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Oh, the people you will meet..

Yep, I just quoted Dr. Seuss. :) I think we've got this no-communication-thing with Ben's teacher figured out. My in-laws put me in contact with their neighbor, who's son also attends the same school as Ben. Her son has been going there for a number of years, and she's familiar with the staff/teachers there. She has been kind enough to offer any transportation assistance I might need to get to meetings, she even offered to attend them with me if I wanted her to. She made a phone call to her son's teacher and found out some information for me about the teachers that are working with Ben. She suggested I call the director of the school and talk to her about the lack of communication between teacher/parent, and it'd get fixed. I planned to do this tomorrow, when Ben goes back to school. I'v been busy getting laundry done for the week, making sure Ben had all his clothes cleaned for this week. I decided I'd check his backpack to make sure there weren't any dirty clothes in it. After he came home from school to start vacation, I immediately hung it up, I did't even bother to look inside. I assumed that there was just another empty page in his notebook, that nobody bothered to write a note to me about Ben's week. Well...I was wrong! Not only was there a note from his teacher...but BOTH his teachers AND his NEW teacher! Ben will have a new teacher starting this week, and won't be working with the one that was very good and not communicating! :) I hope this is going to be a good change for Ben's education and that his new teacher is good with parent/teacher communication. There was also a progress report in his backpack as well. :) Ben is making progress and doing well. He's got some things to continue to work on, but the year isn't over yet! Keep up the good work, Ben! :) It's nice to have the neighbor friend to talk to...someone who "gets it". I guess sometimes you never know who lives next door (even to the in laws), and in this case, it's a really great couple who've had many years of doing some AWESOME advocating for their special needs son!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Update on Ben

Ben is an amazing little boy. He's creative, curious, smart, extremely energetic and super cute! He's got blonde hair, blue eyes and a smile that could light up any room. Ben is my three and a half year old little boy who has Autism. He's nonverbal and goes to a special school year around where he gets therapy. I'll be honest and tell you that it shames me that I can't be a perfect mother to him (or Jack/Marjorri). There's just no why, because I don't know it all, and throwing special needs into the mix doesn't make it any easier. Ben was diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) almost a year ago. I can't even recall the exact date at this moment, I just remember being super busy with the kids, having him evaluated and hearing that phrase "...and I'm sorry to say but he's got ASD." Well ok, to us "having ASD" is almost normal. Jack was diagnosed with PDD-NOS (Pervasive Development Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified) a couple years before. No big deal, right? Well...kinda. Ben is an individual and although he and his siblings are EXTREMELY adorable, Ben sure does have his own way to do/say things. He had a different way of being. Ben will often times have little eye contact with anyone, scream at every word of "No Ben!" "Ben, don't do that!" "Ben, don't climb on there..." So it happens a lot during the day, this high pitched squeal of his! He'll sometimes eat things he shouldn't...like dirt or grass. I assume that some things like this could be "average" 3 year old behavior, but I'm not sure. My kids have just been super awesome and not "average". :) I'll be honest and say that I have trouble knowing how I should handle situations where he screams. Sometimes it's just so loud! Any tips would be appreciated, as we're doing time-outs right now. As parents we want him to understand that he doesn't need to have an outburst every time he's displeased with something. School: Ben's school is awesome in some ways, and not so awesome in others. He's learning there...this I know. He can do puzzles on his own and follow simple requests. He's gaining a better understanding and usage of eye contact, he connects more and smiles more too. I love his smile! He's even being taught how to use the PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System), and I'm super excited to get to worth with him on it! The difficult thing about Ben's school is the lack of communication between school and home. There is a notebook that goes from school/home in Ben's backpack. I haven't heard anything constructive about Ben's day in over 2 weeks (they're currently finishing the 1st week of summer vacation, but the 2 weeks was BEFORE vacation started). Before break, I emailed and called (left voicemail) his teacher to discuss weather or not we needed to purchase a PECS book for home use. NO RESPONSE. I am lost as to how to get communication flowing with his teachers/staff. I feel like I'm talking to a wall. All I want to know is small details about his day at school! How can I better help him at home? I am going to work on this when vacation is over, calling, emailing...whatever needs to be done.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Long Overdue Update...

It's been months since I've posted anything. I figured I might as well get back into the swing of things, and start posting more! Here's an update on what's been going on over the past several months. Jack: Jack started school in September and has progressed by leaps and bounds! :) He had some trouble in the beginning of the school year getting adjusted to his class size and the idea of riding the bus with older kids. After being switched to a different class time and a new bus driver, things just really took off for him! He's now reciting more letters, colors, numbers and even counting high with accuracy! It's been a great school year for Jack and we couldn't be more proud of him! Jack is a great big brother to both Marjorri and Ben, he's polite and super helpful. I really am so lucky to be his mama! :) Ben: An update on Ben deserves its own post! :) Marjorri: Marjorri is growing and becoming such a sweet little lady! She enjoys Sesame Street, and playing with her brothers! She's such a daddy's girl too! :) Marjorri currently knows 19 words, 4 phrases and 4 signs! It's been wonderful being able to communicate with her in some form or another!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Homemade Play Dough!

As my husband has been working a ton of over time lately, we decided to have some fun, and make home made play dough while daddy was at work!

I followed this recipe/video on Youtube, and our Play Dough came out awesome!

Ben smashes  his Play Dough! 

My Review:
 I thought I'd measured wrong or something, because it took longer than I though it would to turn into dough. I also had to use a ton of food coloring to get it to turn color, and not just be streaked with color. The boys, and I had fun squishing it in our fingers, and making "balls". Jack always asks me to make his play dough into a ball. :)


Friday, June 22, 2012

Marjorri's 2 Month Checkup

Marjorri had her 2 month checkup this morning, complete with shots. :(

Her 2 Month Stats:
Height: 24 inches - 88.89%
Weight: 11# 13oz -57.59%
Head Circ: 40 - 69.03%

The doctor recommended we start giving her vitamins. She recommended the brand Trivisol. I'm not familiar with that brand. When Jack, and Ben were little we used Poly-Visol. The doctors seem to be concerned about her getting a "good" amount of Vitamin D.

Marjorri had 2 shots, and an oral vaccination. She did really well considering they were her first ones. Through the day though, she'd h ave bouts of crankiness, and this is unusual for her. I'm going to have to remember to pick up some infant Tylenol.