Sunday, November 15, 2015

Some photos

Jeyne and Ben (5 years).

Adeline 10 months (she's now 11 months) 

Marjorri's Halloween Costume! :) I didn't get a chance to get pictures of the boys, they went trick-or-treating and got wet/muddy due to rain.

Adeline (10 months) , Jack (7 years) and I (29 years)

Pre-new paint living room tour:

Livingroom tour..

Friday, September 25, 2015

Another Challenge.

Adeline may have Epilepsy. She started having seizure like episodes the last week of August. They say she may have Epilepsy and is currently on anti-seizure medication. We go back to to see the Neurologist on the 30th. So far all tests are coming back normal. A Cranial Ultrasound, EEG, MRI, blood work...all normal.

I used to think that Autism would be the "thing" I'd have to fight with on a daily basis. Although I still do battle with it from time to time, wishing Ben could (would?) talk to me, wishing he was fulling potty trained (we're getting there..), worrying when he has an unexpected/unexplained reaction to something (we know now that he is afraid of airplanes). I don't think any of that could have prepared me for watching as Adeline had a seizure (or 5 now) in my/Clint's arms. It's terrifying (although not life threatening). She gives this look and I know something isn't right. She'd go limp or rigid depending on the episode; stare at me...but right through me. I think she knew when one was coming on because she'd get sort of blank in the face.

For now, Adeline is fine and has been episode free for nearly a week (and an increased dosage of medication). I'm hoping the Neurologist will run more tests. I really want an answer to "Why?" and "What is this?"

Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend.

Our Memorial Day Weekend.....

Friday 5/22 - We had a weight check appointment scheduled for Adeline. We saw her Pediatrician in the afternoon and found out that Adeline is happily gaining weight! Yay!
Adeline's growth chart

Saturday 5/23 - We decided to take the kids to play at Ben's school. They have a gated playground that is handicapped accessible. LOVE IT! It was wonderful to have a place to play where we all could relax, play and not stress about "Where is Ben?!" We had the playground to ourselves, which was nice too. Here's some photos...

Adeline swinging away!

Jack - The Tall

Mommy and Adeline


This suspicious man took a picture with us.

....He kinda looks like my husband.

Jack swinging in a handicap swing.

Ben hanging out with mom in the grass.

He's ticklish.

Marjorri on the seesaw.

The older kids playing in the sandbox.

Adeline hangs out with Jack


Marjorri was building a sandcastle.

Marjorri swingin'.


Mmm Adeline loves her fists.

Eatin' and swingin'

An interview with Marjorri

An interview with Jack before lunch. He got detracted by Sonic!

Memorial Day 5/25 - While the rest of my family went to spend time with Clint's parents, Adeline and I stayed behind to finish up laundry for the week. We got bored and took some pictures!

Friday, May 8, 2015

For the Grandparents

A few pictures.

I swear this is the only way I can get pictures of this kid. He sleeps, therefore he is still.

All dressed up an nowhere to go...

"Who me?"


Addy hangin' out with mama.

Princess Marjorri and her mother.

Jack and I goofing off, as usual. 

77 degrees in the house, A/C is broken...might as well nap.

She's just too cute...can't stand it.

Jack was picked up later than usual due a field trip to the Kalamazoo Nature Center.


Last but not least...A video!